Rumen Protected Product Selection Checklist

Posted: April 9, 2018

With many market choices to consider, selecting a rumen protected product can be complicated. Here is a checklist for evaluating an encapsulated product that will help ensure rumen protection and bioavailability, delivering maximum animal health and productivity for feed product customers.

Does the company have a proven technology and experience with different nutrients?

Balchem has over 40 years experience encapsulating nutrients, not only for livestock product but also for consumer products. Nutrients Balchem provides for livestock include choline, niacin, urea, vitamin C and the first encapsulated lysine product. Balchem has the technology and experience to help feed ingredient formulators maximize the efficiency of the products they provide to customers.

Does the technology have the ability to withstand environmental challenges before being fed, including:

→  Freezing and thawing
→  Exposure to moisture
→  Durability during mixing
→  Stability during storage?

Balchem encapsulation products are specially engineered to stand up to environmental challenges.

Is the product truly rumen protected and bioavailable?

Balchem formulation technology, found in; AminoShure-L™ Rumen-Protected Lysine; NiaShure™ Rumen-protected Niacin; and ReaShure® Rumen-protected choline, has been proven to effectively withstand the rumen environment. After passing through the rumen the product released in the intestine and made available to the animal. The company has response data available showing the health and productivity benefits of its encapsulated products.