Bioavailability is What Matters in Poultry Performance

Posted: mars 5, 2018

Executive Summary

Successful implementation of a trace mineral nutrition program revolves around delivering the appropriate amount of mineral that is available for absorption in the intestine and is then assimilated or utilized by poultry. Numerous studies have shown that organic trace minerals offer a superior source of essential nutrients.

Determining the most cost-effective approach to trace mineral nutrition can be confusing to the point that many nutritionists will take the position that they are all the same and will use the one most advertised or what is available or cheapest. In previous newsletters, we provided information that we feel “busts” the myths that are used to attempt to differentiate between organic trace minerals. In reality, products that are produced with a quality process that makes the protected metal as bioavailable as possible will provide the most cost-effective solution.

Independent research has shown that there are differences in organic trace mineral products, across several species. KeyShure OTMs have performed well against the competition in these studies and have been demonstrated to have superior bioavailability. The latest research by Dr. Sims shows that even in the face of antagonist in diets Keyshure has overcome this challenge to provide superior animal performance.

In today’s challenging economic environment it is essential that we provide poultry what they need to perform well. At the same time, providing appropriate nutrition needs to be a sound economic decision based on science and confidence in products that deliver.  Where will your trace mineral dollars end up?