Maximize Milk Protein with AminoShure®

Posted: 14 9 月, 2015

Balchem’s new AminoShure-M is currently the lowest per unit cost of metabolizable methionine, offering the most cost-efficient and economical source for rumen protected methionine.

  • Milk Protein Builder – Methionine is not only essential in dairy cattle, it’s among the first amino acids in short supply when a dairy cow synthesizes proteins. Without this vital building block a cow simply cannot synthesize milk protein, reducing the amount that is secreted into the mammary gland and ultimately sold to the consumer.
  • Metered Release Technology – AminoShure®-M Precision Release Methionine is engineered to meter its methionine payload gradually in the small intestine providing a continual supply of methionine to the milk protein-producing cells.
  • Feed Stable – The next generation coating was designed to withstand the rigors of being mixed in feeds.
  • Superior value – AminoShure®-M Precision Release Methionine utilizes the next generation in nutrient encapsulation technology to provide exceptional value. Balchem leverages its purchasing power and superior US-based manufacturing facilities and processes to provide the best value per unit of bioavailable methionine on the market today.

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