Blueberry Production with Metalosate® Calcium

Blueberry production is aided by Metalosate to increase yield, quality and more.
Posted: August 29, 2023

Blueberry production relies heavily on the ability to increase yields, dry matter, shelf life and quality.  Since blueberries are a good source of vitamin C and support immune function, wound healing and collagen and connective tissue formation, it comes as no surprise that they remain a popular source of nutrition. As blueberries rises in popularity, growers must meet plants’ nutritional needs to maximize yield, plant health, taste and profits. This delicious and nutritious fruit’s global production doubled between 2010 and 2020, meaning growers have an increased challenge to meet demands.

The Metalosate Advantage

Blueberries need a balance of primary and secondary micronutrients to grow efficiently. Metalosate products provide many benefits to the plant and help deliver these nutrients to the growing points, where the plants need the nutrients most. Some benefits of Metalosate products include:

  • Superior bioavailability
  • Small molecule size
  • Very stable amino acid chelated minerals
  • Highly soluble material
  • Very high absorption in the plant ( more than90 percent of the mineral is absorbed in 2-3 hours)

Nutrition Delivered

Providing Calcium to the plant, especially to the growing points, gives many benefits to the berry including increased shelf life, higher nutritional content and better firmness. Calcium plays crucial roles in cell elongation and division. In a recent research trial in Washington, Metalosate Calcium was applied at one-quarter the rate of a grower’s standard calcium. Then levels of calcium in the fruit were evaluated. Metalosate increased calcium levels in the fruit by over 25 percent, even though the rate of application was significantly lower. That increase in Calcium levels demonstrates better nutritional content and results in longer shelf life.

Fruit Firmness

In another trial in Chile, fruit firmness was evaluated and at 30 days, the Metalosate Calcium treated blueberries were about 8 percent firmer than the grower standard. The increase in firmness after application was double that of the grower standard. This displays Metalosate Calcium’s effectiveness in moving calcium into the fruit and keeping cell wall better intact, which results in greater shelf life and higher berry quality. That’s Nutrition Delivered.


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