Boron Function in Plants

Boron Mineral
Posted: June 15, 2022

Plants, like all living things, require a balance of proper nutrition to grow and thrive. Balancing all these nutrients can be a challenge in working with various soils. Often, these nutrient minerals are interconnected in ensuring maximized yield potential. Boron is one of those nutrients and has a direct impact on calcium and potassium utilization. Thus, boron has a direct effect on regulating the flow of nutrients into cells and the structure of cell walls themselves.  

Boron deficiency can lead to death of terminal growth, improper flowering or pollination, and reduced fruit and vegetable quality. By correcting this deficiency, operations can maximize growth and productivity of plants. Metalosate® is a true amino acid chelate, meaning that it can rapidly deliver minerals to the areas of a plant with the highest need. For more information about how Balchem’s Metalosate products contact your local representative.   


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