Iron Function in Tree Fruit Production

Posted: July 29, 2022

Plants are a key to a well-rounded diet and nutrition in people, and plants, like all living things, require certain nutritional minerals to function at their highest capacity. Iron is one of these essential minerals and is essential to activating the enzyme system that builds chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is essential to photosynthesis and is key in processing nutrients in plants.  

If a plant is unable to get the iron needed that can cause problems with it being unable to grow properly. Often this is displayed through yellowing (chlorosis) of the leaves, which can be localized. Since iron has very limited mobility in the plant it is imperative that the mineral be applied properly, so the iron can reach the areas of the plant needed to help the plant grow.   

Metalosate contains amino acid chelated minerals, meaning that the mineral is protected from adverse reactions by amino acids. Since amino acids are the building blocks of plant protein the plant recognizes these and translocate the molecule through the plant and deliver the iron to the area where it is needed. For more information about Metalosate Iron and its application contact your local Balchem sales representative.  


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