Manganese Function in Tree Fruit

Posted: September 15, 2022

For plants to grow and function properly they must be able to properly perform photosynthesis, and the presence of chlorophyll is critical to a plant’s ability to effectively perform photosynthesis. Manganese is required for oxygen release during this process and for maintaining the integrity of the chloroplast membrane. Without Manganese a plant cannot grow properly, and therefore decreases its ability to produce fruit and foliage.  

Often plants with Manganese deficiencies may exhibit chlorosis, particularly in new growth. Since Manganese is also closely related to iron in the way that plants utilize it, it is vital that deficiencies be treated quickly and effectively. Balchem offers a program known as the T.E.A.M.® program, that can diagnose this deficiency and recommend a course of action to treat the deficiency based on expert recommendation for a particular crop. For access to the T.E.A.M. application contact a local Balchem Representative.  


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