Metalosate® StimPlus™ combines chelated minerals and organic compounds to boost productivity in the plant and power biological systems. Its various components contribute to increasing energy, balancing minerals, encourages root systems and activating environmental factors to work for the plant. By contributing to all these interconnected systems Metalosate delivers bigger, faster, healthier plants.


For over five decades Metalosate® has supported plant nutrition for the highest yields and premium quality. Today’s growers must have better tools to deliver higher yields while using fewer natural resources. To ensure we can offer the best solutions Balchem continues to invest in increasingly science-based solutions for grower’s plant nutrition needs.

Delivers more energy for high growth rates

Plays a crucial role for cell wall synthesis, pollen germination and tube growth, root elongation, plant vigor and shelf life.

Increased yields

Amino acids, minerals, seaweed extract and other organic complexes all increase the yield of a plant. In Metalosate StimPlus these different components combine to create a synergistic effect. Balchem has harnessed these effects to create optimal outcomes by ensuring the whole delivers more than the sum of the parts.

Enhanced plant health

It has been shown that plants that have balanced nutrition and healthier living systems are more resistant to drought, heat, cold, pests and other stressors than less balanced counterparts. Metalosate StimPlus contributes to these balances to enhance plant health.

Boosts plant’s systems for faster growth

Plants, like all living things, need energy to grow. Metalosate® StimPlus™ provides plants with an energy boost which their biological systems can use to grow more effectively. This means bigger plants, faster. It can also be applied at critical growth stages, such as bud formation, flowering, or fruit set, to provide these energy boosts when the plant needs them most.

Natural mode of action

Metalosate® StimPlus™ contains components that are familiar to the plant so it can better utilize them without the stress of recognizing foreign substances. Since these are found in nature, they also promote sustainability and lower synthetics entering the environment.

Encourages protein synthesis and increased photosynthesis

Metalosate® StimPlus™ contains several essential minerals including iron, magnesium, zinc, boron, copper and manganese. These encourage protein synthesis and increased photosynthesis in plants. These processes promote growth within the plant, especially in growing points.

A Sustainable Solution

Growers are challenged with feeding a growing population every day. Increasing rates of quality, growth, pack-outs, and yields provides solutions to providing more nutritious food to that growing population. Using an amino acid chelated mineral also provides increased uptake of the minerals in the plant, meaning a decreased risk of metals being leached into the soil. Seaweed extract also contributes to increased plant health, growth and vigor as well as improved microbial balance in the soil. Biologicals, like Metalosate® StimPlus™, contribute solutions to meet producers’ global sustainability goals.

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