New Metalosate StimPlus Can Protect Plants from Drought, Heat, Cold and Other Stressors

Metalosate StimPlus combines amino acid chelated mineral and seaweed extract for optimal plant nutrition.
Posted: February 14, 2023

A new biological, Metalosate® StimPlus™, can deliver three to one return on investment and promotes environmentally and fiscally sustainable agriculture.

Montvale, N.J. (February 14, 2023)– The globally population could likely increase by over 25 percent by 2050 to around 10 billion people. The agriculture community continues to step up in a big way to meet global challenges like food insecurity, increasing environmentally sustainable farming, and increasing nutrient content in food. This can be difficult to manage when plants may only reach around 70 percent of their genetic potential.

Today at World Ag Expo in Tulare, California, Balchem Plant Nutrition announced a new biostimulant product that can increase yields and unlock potential that otherwise may not be realized. It also provides a plant with the ability to be healthier and stronger when resisting stressors from the environment. Healthier and hardier plants have the ability to withstand stress and grow more effectively. To reach full potential a plant’s biological systems must be stimulated. Metalosate® StimPlus™ does this through natural ingredients. The natural mode of action in Metalosate StimPlus also contributes to healthier ecological sustainability practices like soil microbiome enhancement, encouraging plant health, higher yields, and less impact on minerals leaching into the water table.

“Our team developed Metalosate StimPlus as a solution to growing concerns about maximizing plant growth potential, increasing tolerance to abiotic and oxidative stress, and increasing sustainable agriculture solutions. We found a way to do all those things with one formula. It is ultimately a tool for farmers to increase yields, quality and financial productivity.” said Jeremy O’Brien, Balchem’s Plant Nutrition Global Sales Director.

Metalosate StimPlus is approved for foliar and ground application for encouraging growth at the leaf and root levels. It is now available at Agriculture retailers in California [add locations]. For more information about Metalosate StimPlus visit our website at


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