Rapid Assimilation of Metalosate®

Posted: January 13, 2022

Responsible stewardship of natural resources is a primary focus for all farmers locally and globally. Taking care of land, water, and organic matter serves the best interest of agriculture businesses, people and the planet. These are our most precious assets. Plants can absorb and deplete the minerals naturally found in the soil, which in turn can make it difficult to grow healthy plants to feed a growing population in the future.  

Plants require 16 minerals to grow effectively. Plants experiencing nutrient deficiencies may show deficiency symptoms like reduced number of fruit or yield, improper flowering or pollination, dieback, disease, or decreases in fruit quality. When a nutrient deficiency is present it is imperative that nutrients are provided quickly.  

Metalosate® products, powered by Albion Technology, are amino acid chelates. Field and laboratory research studies have shown these chelated minerals go to work within hours of application, and where severe deficiencies are present growers have seen results in just days. This means a decrease in the chances of nutrient loss resulting from rain or overhead irrigation. This also means these nutrients will not leach into the soil or water.  


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