Supporting Growth In Strawberry Production

Posted: April 12, 2023

Growers globally have been using Metalosate in Strawberry production for decades to provide increased yields, better berries, and healthier plants. As an excellent source of vitamin C and Manganese strawberries may benefit heart health and blood sugar control. Experts estimate that the global fresh strawberry market could reach $24 billion by 2028. Understanding the benefits of Metalosate can increase success in such an important market.


Producing more fruit and larger berries starts at planting and continues through harvest. Metalosate offers a full line of micronutrients to maximize the impact of individual Nutrients. Researchers found that by applying Metalosate Crop Up™, Boron, Calcium, and Potassium during different growth stages they supported various plant function and that resulted in superior performance. In fact, through the Metalosate program they were able to produce 35 percent more per acre than the grower standard.

In another trial Metalosate treated plants produced more flowers and higher fruit sets. By targeting plant nutrition growers increased the potential of the plants. With more potential the plant can deliver more fruit.

Fruit Quality:

Strawberry size, quality, and sweetness directly affects taste and nutritional value. These qualities also affects the marketability of the product both to and at the grocery store. This is supported throughout the full fruit lifecycle. By using a Metalosate program throughout growth growers increased firmness by 59 percent, and brix by 18 percent. In the same trial they delivered more than 32 percent heavier berries. That means better berries and more of them!

Why Metalosate:

Metalosate delivers targeted nutrition to the plant where it needs it most, in the growing points. It also supports plants in all growth stages of strawberry production. The individual Metalosate nutrients like Calcium and Potassium can support individual functions like brix and fruit firmness. Metalosate combination products like Multimineral™ or Tropical™ support multiple physiological stages at the same time. This is ideal for Strawberries that may be in plant growth, budding, flowering, fruit development, and ripening all at once.

For more information about supporting strawberry plant health and growth with Metalosate visit the research section of our website. Contact us today to see how Metalosate can provide increased yields, better berries and healthier plants. That’s Nutrition Delivered.


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