Supporting Table Grape Production

Table Grapes on the Vine
Posted: May 22, 2023

Increasing yield in table grape production starts with vine health and nutrition. Spring pruning and vineyard care contribute heavily to harvest goals, and with that comes spraying Metalosate® to provide vines with the nutrients they need most. The global table grape market is valued at approximately $86 Billion, meaning this industry is vital to support and protect.

Healthy Plants:

Healthier plants can produce more grapes of higher quality. That means happier consumers and more profits. Metalosate products can give a Phyto – elicitor effect, like an immune response. This means vines are less susceptible to disease. When compared to grower standard, Metalosate provided an 83 percent decrease in injury area in infected plants. This shows a major improvement to plant health.

More Grapes:

Metalosate programs can supply a sustained increase in productivity. For plants treated with Metalosate, growers received a 41 percent increase in the first pick and a 197 percent increase during the second pick. Just one application of Metalosate gave a total of 66 percent more grapes over the duration of the season. That creates a very real return and an increase in productivity for table grape production.

Better Delivery:

Metalosate combines the benefits of amino acids with the value of balanced nutrition. At times it may seem that one or the other will give the same results. However, in a head-to-head trial, Metalosate outperformed the product that only contained amino acids in every treatment. It delivered 19 percent larger grapes than amino acids alone. By using the synergies found by Balchem’s research and development teams, growers can maximize the potential of plants.

Sustainable Solutions, Driven by Science

Metalosate products use chelated minerals to minimize deficiency and fortify plants. Chelating minerals with amino acids protect them from the environment, meaning they enter the plant systems intact. The plant recognizes the amino acid as a native part of the plant allowing it to move freely to growing points. This means more minerals in the roots, leaves, stems and even fruit. By applying Metalosate, growers can expect healthier plants, higher yields and better-quality grapes.  That’s Nutrition Delivered.


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