The Safety and Effectiveness of Metalosate®

Posted: March 15, 2022

Like all living things, plants need a proper balance of minerals to properly grow and flourish. This becomes a delicate balance of ensuring the proper amount of minerals are delivered to the plant in the proper growth stage.  

Metalosate® products, powered by Albion Technologies, are amino acid chelates. Chelation is the process of attaching an organic molecule to a mineral in two places to protect the mineral from adverse reactions. Since amino acids are the basic building blocks of protein in all living things, they provide a tremendous advantage, because they increase the efficiency of absorption and translocation of minerals within plants.  

Chelated Mineral

Metalosate products reduce the concerns of phytotoxicity that occur with other foliar applications. Amino acid chelates are so efficient that much lower rates of the mineral can be used to create a measurable response. This means Metalosate can be used on sensitive crops without causing leaf burn or fruit/flower marking. That is a great balance!  


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