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Folate helps to keep hearts beating, minds thinking, and us moving.
Folate is an architect of life, an essential nutrient that supports important cellular functions like respiration, metabolism, and methylation.

These are basic building blocks of life we all depend on, every single day. Getting the right amount of folate is particularly essential from preconception throughout pregnancy to help your baby grow and develop. Adequate folate intake can also support optimal brain health, heart health, and epigenetic health.

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Modern diets
mean we aren’t getting the folate
our bodies need.

Our bodies need folate to function and can’t create enough on its own, so we need to get it from our diet and supplementation.

For some people, a well-balanced diet can give us enough. But certain groups of people may need to add more to their intake – their needs may increase because of their life stage, or their folate metabolism could be limited by genetic factors.

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of teen girls aged 14-18 in the US do not get enough folate from diets alone.1

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of American men 19+ years do not get enough folate in their diets.1

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of women in the US 19+ years do not get enough folate from their diets alone.1

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of Americans do not get enough folate from food and beverages alone.1

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of pregnant women in the US do not get enough folate from their diets alone.2



of lactating women in the US do not get enough folate from their diets alone.2

Why the right, bioactive folate form is so important.

Ordinary folic acid needs several conversion steps before the folate benefits materialize within the body. 
20–50% of the US population carry a genetic variant causing lower folate concentrations or a genetic polymorphism in two key enzymes which hampers the conversion of folic acid to the bioactive 5-MTHF.

Additionally, unmetabolized folate acid (UMFA) can accumulate within the body with unknown risks.4
So, it is important to supplement with the right, bioactive 5-MTHF folate form that everyone can benefit from.

The Science Behind Optifolin+™

Supercharged folate.

Optifolin+™ is a new generation of folate enriched with VitaCholine®. Folate and choline as methyl donors in combination contribute to optimal methylation.

Methylation is a crucial process in every body. It’s when a molecule called a methyl group (CH3) is added to molecules like DNA, changing how it acts in the body.

For example, when a methyl group is added to a gene in your DNA, it can switch it ‘on’ or ‘off’, which can determine whether a specific cell is made, or how a system works.

When optimal methylation happens, it can have a positive impact on a lot of the bodily processes we all depend on.

Discover what Optifolin+™ can do for you.

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Discover a folate you can build your business on. Optifolin+™ is a unique, patented ingredient that combines choline with L-5-methylfolate to enhance stability and solubility for optimal performance, in an economical formulation in a variety of formats.

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