Not All Rumen Protected Choline Products Are Created Equal

The first requirement for an effective rumen protected choline is to shield the choline from ruminal degradation and allow its payload to be released in the small intestine for absorption. An in-situ evaluation performed by Cumberland Valley Analytical Services (CVAS), PA (USA), demonstrated StaChol’s encapsulation technology is far more effective in protecting choline from the harsh rumen environment when compared to competing products.

Rumen In Situ Nitrogen Stability of RP-Choline Products

Rumen In Situ Nitrogen Stability of RP-Choline Products

Key Advantages of Sta-Chol

Sta-Chol Rumen Protected Choline from Balchem delivers all the benefits of choline to your cows. Rumen protected choline is proven to increase milk production, decrease transition cow metabolic disorders and may even provide growth and health benefits to the in utero calf.

  • Higher Milk Production – Studies show that cows receiving Sta-Chol during transition consistently produced more milk than the control group.
  • Reduced Metabolic Disorders – Delivers a proven reduction in metabolic disorders including ketosis, displaced abomasum and subclinical milk fever
  • Calf Health and Growth – New research shows the link between prenatal choline supplementation and calf performance.

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