Additional Products

Balchem Performance Gases offers numerous additional gases to meet the various requirements of our customers. Some of our additional gases includes Carbon monoxide 2.5, Chlorine 2.8, Chlorine (pharma grade), dimethylether 3.0, ethylamine 2.5, ethylchloride, methylchloride, SF6, cyclopentane, isopentane, n-pentane, sulfur dioxide 3.8. Please contact us for additional information on these products and packaging and a Balchem representative will advise you accordingly.  

Product Resources

Explore our Safety Data Sheets and Product Data Sheets for all of our products available in each world area.

All Performance Gases Package Sizing & Availability

Balchem’s packaging is designed and built to the highest standards to meet all regulatory requirements for the countries and regions we ship. Click below to view the all packaging available in your world region for all of the gases we provide.

Safety & Emergency Information

When using specialty gases, it is critical to partner with an experienced supplier like Balchem Performance Gases.  For specific information regarding the proper and safe handling of specialty gases, please click on the applicable link below.


Chemtrec – 1-800-424-9300


BIG – +32 (0) 14 58 45 45

Asia Pacific

CARECHEM 24  +61280144558

The information presented here is for information only. It does not constitute legal or regulatory advice and is not a substitute for legally required training and procedures for the handling, storage, and transportation of hazardous materials and other chemicals. Product users are responsible for compliance with all applicable local regulations. Our provision of the foregoing information does not diminish product users’ responsibility and does not give rise to any legal obligation or liability for Balchem Corporation.