Chemical Synthesis

As a critical industry to the global economy, the chemical market utilizes specialty gases to perform a number of tasks acting as “invisible helpers and problem solvers”. They serve as reactants, protectors of production assets and as indispensable tools for quality control, product forming and maintenance. These tasks can be covered by focusing on appropriate gas quality, but in addition, they often call for individual solutions as well, in order to ensure safe and reliable gas applications tailored to the customer’s situation. 

Gas Uses in The Chemical Synthesis Market

Some gases are used for chemical synthesis (e.g: aldehydes, glycols) while others are used for neutralizing the acid constituents of crude oil and protecting equipment such as bubble plate towers, heat exchangers, condensers, and storage tanks, from corrosion. They can also be used as a processing agent in the manufacturing of alkalis, ammonium salts, dyes, pharmaceuticals and nylon.

How We Service The Chemical Market

Balchem Performance Gases provides a variety of gases to the chemical market including Ethylene Oxide, Propylene Oxide, Hydrogen Chloride, and Anhydrous Ammonia. Ethylene Oxide is used in the ethoxylation process. This process will produce functional ingredients and excipients for cosmetic, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and industrial specialties, such as polymers, surfactants and emulsifiers, vaccine adjuvants and film-coating ingredients, and cosmetic active ingredients. HCl has various chemical applications. It is used to promote and regenerate catalysts in the petrochemical industry and is used to produce Sulphur Chlorohydrins and synthetic rubbers. HCl is also used to remove the remaining fibers from cotton seeds after the cotton wool has been separated and before the seed is stored for re-sowing the season after.

Key Products for the Chemical Synthesis Market