Balchem Performance Gases

Balchem Performance Gases is a global business that services our customers’ requirements for specially packaged Ethylene Oxide, chemical gases and other products worldwide. Our unique combination of products, packaging, and logistical expertise, coupled with our strong focus on safety, quality, and consistent on-time delivery, provides our customers with the solutions they need.


Balchem Performance Gases is the worldwide leader in filling, blending and distribution of packed chemical gases. We provide packaged gases to serve the critical needs in a variety of markets including medical device sterilization, nut and spice pasteurization and fumigation (for U.S.), pharmaceutical, chemical, refrigeration, and industrial markets.

 Key Products

Balchem Performance Gases specializes in the packaging and distribution of Ethylene Oxide. We also distribute a variety of other gases for a multitude of important uses, most notably Propylene Oxide, Ammonia, Propylene, Methylamines, and HCl.  Explore our products pages to learn more about the gases and packaging we provide in your world area.

Ethylene Oxide

Ethylene Oxide is used by the healthcare industry for the sterilization of medical devices. Its unique combination of efficacy, materials compatibility, and ability to penetrate through packaging and thoroughly sterilize complex devices makes it the most widely used method of sterilization worldwide.

Propylene Oxide

Propylene Oxide is used by the nut and spice industries to kill Salmonella and other pathogens. This process ensures that products are safe to eat, without affecting taste, aroma, crunch, or other desirable properties. Propylene Oxide is also a versatile building block intermediate with a variety of other important uses such as manufacturing polyurethane foams and surfactants, as well as chemical modification of starch.


Ammonia is a chemical compound available at Balchem in anhydrous form. The most common used applications for packed ammonia are for heat treatment of metals, the refrigeration and processing agent. This product can also be used, either directly or indirectly, as a building block for the synthesis of many pharmaceutical and chemical products (for manufacturing synthetic polymers).


Balchem provides multiple services relating to our core business of filling, blending and distributing chemical gases. Our services include waste disposal and treatment of used bottles/drums, reapproval of packaging, and gas treatment and emissions control through our scrubber systems.


World Area Locations

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