Gut Health

Healthy and balanced gut microflora play a key role in animal productivity and efficiency. The microbiome is also one of the first layers of defense for the immune system.

In ruminant animals, rumen microflora are responsible for converting fibrous feeds, low-quality protein and non-protein-nitrogen into valuable nutrients, microbial protein and energy in the form of volatile fatty acids. Optimizing the rumen microflora and increasing microbial protein output will have significant impact on feed input costs and milk production.

Monogastric Implications

In monogastric species the movement away from antibiotic growth promotors and changes in other animal production systems has prompted the need for new ways to maximize gut health.

Rumen Efficiency

Balchem’s NitroShure product provides a consistent nitrogen supply to rumen microbes. This helps maximize microbial protein yield, improve dry matter digestibility and provide greater flexibility in formulating high performance dairy rations. NitroShure is a valuable tool to help producers and nutritionists reduce ration costs while increasing the amount of high-quality protein available to the cow.

Products That Optimize Gut Health