Metalosate® Efficacy Information

Metalosate® products can be applied to crops with less concern of phytotoxicity. Because the absorption of the amino acid chelates is so efficient, much lower application rates of the mineral can be used to achieve measurable responses. Effective rates of Metalosate products can be used on sensitive crops without such problems as burning of leaves or marking of fruit or flowers.

Unique Qualities of Metalosate

The advantages of using amino acids as the ligand for chelating nutritive metals present unique qualities instability. The bonding strengths of the ligand are strong enough for the molecules to remain intact through application and absorption, but not so strong as to resist breakdown for metabolic usage of the metal ions by the plant. This fact alone is what gives Metalosate a unique advantage versus other forms of mineral nutrition on the market today.

Advantages of Metalosate

Other advantages of Metalosate amino acid chelates include:

  • Easily absorbable due to its small molecular size.
  • Familiarity within a living system. The ligands are foreign to living systems.  They are required by living systems. The amino acid is metabolized by the plant, not sloughed leaving it to leach into the water table like some chelating agents. The plant has a natural affinity for metabolizing the amino acid ligands.
  • Ease of passage of the chelate containing the mineral through the cuticle and cell wall barriers and into the cells of the plants.

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