Metalosate Organic Soluble Powders

Balchem Plant Nutrition has a range of Metalosate Organic soluble powder products which meet the rigorous standards of the organic agriculture programs of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and other regions across the globe, via third party certification. The products are designed for foliar application on plants to prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies that may limit crop growth and yields. Balchem’s Metalosate Organic products are delivered in spray-dried powder form that allows compliance with the organic certification rules.

Metalosate Organic Soluble Powders Usage Instructions

Metalosate Organic Products can be included in a regular spray program on crops. Initially, they will require special mixing attention. Care should be taken to ensure that the materials are fully mixed and dispersed throughout the spray tank. After fully mixing, the product can be added to the spray tank.

For best results, apply Metalosate Liquid Products according to recommendations based on plant tissue or soil analysis.  Metalosate products can be mixed with most other foliar-applied products like insecticides and fungicides; please consult individual product labels to assess the degree of material compatibility.

Consult with a Balchem Plant Nutrition representative on compatibility with other spray materials. The rate of application will depend on the crop, stage of growth, and severity of deficiency. The maximum recommended rates are for mature, full-sized plants. Reduce the rates proportionately when spraying smaller plants.

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