Balchem Performance Gases packs and distributes propylene (polymer grade) throughout the world. Many sectors within the industry use Propylene for diverse applications. Chemical and pharmaceutical intermediates, glass industry, welding and cutting and roofing are the main industrial applications of propylene.

Next to this, propylene being a hydrocarbon, is being used more and more as a cooling application. Indeed, through European F-Gas regulations, fluorinated gases follow a phase-out process until 2030. Through this ban, these are being progressively replaced by hydrocarbons, including Propylene. The coming years should see a large increase in the use of natural refrigerants within the cooling sector.

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Propylene Packaging Availability – Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, South America

Below is Propylene packaging available in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and South America. Please contact us if you have any questions about packaging specifications or availability. 

126/127 Liter Cylinders – Low Pressure

Material: Steel
Water Capacity: 126/127 liters
Ht: 1460 mm
Dia: 380 mm
Test Pressure: 28-30-33 bar
Tare Wt: 47 kg

900 Liter containers – Low pressure

Material: Steel
Water Capacity: 900 liters
Ht: 2210 mm
Dia: 816 mm
Test Pressure: 43 bar
Tare Wt: 500 kg

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Safety & Emergency Information

When using Propylene, it is critical to partner with an experienced supplier like Balchem Performance Gases.  For specific information regarding the proper and safe handling of Propylene, please click on the applicable link below.


Chemtrec – 1-800-424-9300


BIG – +32 (0) 14 58 45 45

Asia Pacific

CARECHEM 24  +61280144558

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