Additional Plants

The Cannabis and Hemp markets continue to grow and evolve. Cannabis is different from most plant production as it is done under very controlled environments including artificial light, hydroponic watering system, fans for air movement and intense manual pruning. Cannabis is exclusively produced for medicinal or recreational use. Hemp, on the other hand, is produced in expansive fields with or without irrigation, similar to field corn production, where large equipment is used for land preparation, planting and harvest. Hemp is primarily grown for fiber production as an alternative to cotton. Turf includes golf courses and public and professional ball fields.

How We Service The Turf & Cannabis Markets

Balchem Plant Nutrition works with public and private golf courses, providing nutritional options particularly on the heavily managed greens that experience daily cutting and heavy traffic and other stresses. It could be said that putting greens are the most heavily managed of all crops.  

Cannabis producers rely on specific nutrients at specific timings to produce their crops. In many cases, these crops are grown indoors in greenhouses and the Metalosate® products are easily applied using backpack spray equipment. Metalosate products are also safe and nontoxic to cannabis when applied with label rates.

Featured Products

The Metalosate product line provides the complete foliar applied nutrients for the turf and cannabis and hemp markets. Explore some of the featured Metalosate products for these additional markets.

Metalosate Plant Research

Over the years, Balchem Plant Nutrition has collaborated and completed hundreds of plant nutrition research studies. Explore the research to learn more how Metalosate products can help you grow healthier crops that are more resistant to disease and pests, larger yields and healthier food for the consumer with an extended shelf life for produce being shipped long distances.

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