Field Crops

Field crops are primarily used for agricultural purposes and are generally cultivated on vast parcels of land. This large market is typically divided into food, feed, and fiber. Examples of field crops include grain corn, wheat, barley, rice, milo, alfalfa, grass hay, sugar cane, sugar beets, oil producing crops, and cotton.

How We Service The Field Crops Market

Balchem Plant Nutrition has several Metalosate® products that can assist field crop growers while keeping costs down. For example, Metalosate Big 5 is a great product for the field crop market and can be added in combination with glyphosate. Another method to optimize field crop yield is an application of supplemental foliar nutrition in certain stages of crop development where specific nutrients are at a deficit.

Featured Products

The complete Metalosate product line has been used on field crops, depending on soil conditions, for specific stages of development. Explore some of the featured Metalosate products for the field crops market.

Metalosate Plant Research

Over the years, Balchem Plant Nutrition has collaborated and completed hundreds of plant nutrition research studies. Explore the research to learn more how Metalosate products can help you grow healthier crops that are more resistant to disease and pests, larger yields and healthier food for the consumer with an extended shelf life for produce being shipped long distances.

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