Back in Agtion: Balchem Plant Nutrition at World Ag Expo

Posted: February 18, 2022

Ludwig Voet and the Balchem Plant Nutrition team had more to smile about on February 08 than just the perfect, sunny 72-degree weather in beautiful Tulare, California. The buzz was not just the buzz of bees in the budding peach trees and almonds trees getting ready to burst, but of the agriculture community coming back together in Ag Station. After nearly two years of being apart Balchem’s plant Nutrition colleagues were overjoyed to meet and see each other and their customers again.

Ludwig Voet Meeting with customers

“It was great to get back together all in one place again. We had a really fun few days meeting with customers and addressing some of the issues that keep them up at night. Reconnecting with colleagues and customers was incredibly rewarding and was a great way to kick off the planting season.” Said Jeremy O’Brien, Balchem Plant Nutrition’s Global Lead.

World Ag Expo features 1,200 exhibitors over 2.6 million square feet of space. It attracts fruit and vegetable growers, dairy farmers, agribusiness professionals and future agriculture professionals from all over the globe with seminars, demonstrations and agriculture tours. Our team was able to meet with existing and potential customers in fruit, vegetables, and additional segments growers. Our team was excited to take this step in our mission to help provide nutritious food to people all over the world. The agriculture community as a whole was excited to step toward a new normal in seeing one another faces-to-face and having these valuable conversations.

These three days were a fantastic opportunity as we look to kick off the North American growing season in one of the world’s premier agriculture producing regions. If you would like to connect with one of our plant nutrition colleagues, contact us today.


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